The C-M Contact List FAQ page.


The Community-Music Contact List is open to volunteer community bands and orchestras.  Listings are FREE!  Groups are urged to keep their listings up-to-date.  See the FAQ's below to learn how.  Listings with long outdated information may be removed by the administrators.

Q1. What groups can be listed here?

A. Listings are open to (primarily) volunteer community concert/wind bands or orchestras.

Q2. How can I find my group in the list?

A. You can view the list in several variations.  You can select to view the complete list and sort by by Country, City or State/Province/County.  You can also search the list by a word in the name of a group, or search by the name of your city, state or country.  Please note that the only abbreviations used in the database are USA for the United States and UK for United Kingdom.  All other state and country name are spelled out fully.

Q3. How can I add my group to the contact database?

A. Simply click on the "Add New Listing" link, fill out as much information the form as you can and click the "submit" button to send it to the moderators for verification.

Q4. How can I edit/update my group's information in the contact database?

A. View the list and search to find your listing, click your group's name link in the list to view your group's listing details.  On that page you will find a link to an update form where you can edit/update your information and submit the form to the moderators for verification.

Q5. How long before I will see my group's new or updated information in the list?

A. The moderators will be recieve an email after you submit the form telling them there is a listing to be added or updated.  The moderators should be able verify your subitted information within a few days.  If you don't see it in about a week, contact us using our Contact form to inquire about the status of your submission.
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