Community-Music is made up of two related websites.  The Community-Music Email Group which is an email discussion groups hosted at, and this website, the Community-Music Contact List, which contains a database of contact information for community musical groups.

Since 1995, the Community-Music Email Group has provided a means for people across the world to discuss their passion for making music in (primarily) volunteer concert/wind bands or orchestras.  Ron Boerger began the group as a listserv hosted by the University of Washington, then moved to YahooGroups in 1995.  About 15 years ago, BIll Anderson took over the group, and the group is now hosted by  A FAQ page for the email group can be found HERE!.

Besides the email group, Community-Music hosts an extensive database of contact information which is available to anyone who is seeking information on a community musical group they might want to join.  There are over 1,400 such musical groups registered in the "C-M Contact List and listing is free."  This contact list began as a manually edited web page by Ron Boerger, but the number of additions and updates quickly overwhelmed the administrators.  Bill Anderson automated updates and additions in 2009 but with some loss in the already limited functionality.  In 2021, a team of C-M administrators moved the contact list to the modern database that you see today.

We talk about anything connected with community music on the Community-Music Email Group - music selection, audience building, fund raising, conductor searches, you name it.  Commercial advertising is strictly prohibited.  In addition, joining the email group strictly to promote a product, commercial or not, is very much frowned upon - such posts will not be approved.  This includes composers/arrangers who want to use C-M to promote their wares.  Please don't ask for special dispensation.

Please note that due to copyright law, we do not allow requests for copies of music unless the music is in the public domain or is permanently out of print.  Otherwise, you may ask someone to loan or sell music to you.

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Meet The Team

The folks that make this resource happen!

Bill AndersonC-M Site Owner & Moderator

Bill oversees both the C-M Email Group and the Contact List websites.

David BaileyC-M Email Group Moderator

David moderates the C-M Email Group postings.

Dave SchaafsmaWeb Design & Data Admin

Dave created the website and designed the database to handle the Contact List

David MillerCommunication & Data Admin

David designed the email notifications for keeping the Contact List up to date.